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Develop a portfolio that speaks for your work experience and open doors for you

Our Tracks

Data & Research
Build the necessary skills for conducting research on systemic problems to innovate on.
Supported Job Roles: Business Intelligence Analysts, Data Analysts, Data Scientists

This track engages you in projects that involve identification of business needs, preparation and analysis of data sets and presentation of insights to enable innovative businesses identify and translate market opportunities into actionable recommendations that facilitate informed decisions.
Content & Media
Build the necessary skills for creative content and communication.
Supported Job Roles : Graphic Designers, Animators, Public relations, Communications Specialist, Content Developers

This track engages you in projects that involve developing creative requirements and concept ideas for content, content strategy, content production management and content audit based on creative and commercial rationale.
Develop & Deploy
Build relevant skills in Career development, Talent management, learning development and coaching
Supported Job Roles: Instructional designers, Curriculum developers, talent management executives, Learning and development officers

This track engages you in projects that involve talent attraction, recruiting, conducting workplace performance analytics and insights, assessing learning needs, learning program design & delivery to support talent development
Software Engineering
Build relevant skills in design, development and implementation of software applications.
Supported Job Roles Include: Software engineer, UI Designer, UX Designer.

This track engages you in projects that involve gathering and evaluating user and business requirements, Design of User Interface and User experience architecture and strategy, design and development of software applications, software testing and configuration.
Business Associate
Broaden your skills in strategy, market positioning, financial growth and operations.
Supported Job roles include; Business Development Executives, Business Analyst, Digital Marketers, Product Marketers, Project Managers, Sales Executives, Operations analysts

This track engages you in projects that involve exploring & developing business opportunities, implementing business development strategies & functions, enhancing current business portfolio, client relationship management & customer success and driving collaboration of human resource, technology, finance and continuous improvement initiatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time commitment required?

A full-time participant needs to put in 120-160 hours/ month whereas a part-time one 30-40 hours/ month.

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What is the duration of the program?

The program has 4 levels of proficiency that run for 3 months each from start to end. You can stop at your preferred level of proficiency.

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What is the cost of the program?

The cost primarily depends on whether you are full-time or part-time.

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Do you follow a set curriculum?

We come from the industry side not the academic side. We rely on certified tertiary institutions to provide the academic angle and we leverage globally certified frameworks to the build experience that allows you to benchmark yourself not just locally but globally.

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Can this program meet my academic attachment/ internship requirement?

The program wasn't designed to meet this requirement but it has exceeded the expectations of most project supervisors whose students have used it as an academic attachment.

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Can I be part of the program while I am still studying?

Yes you can. While in session you can register on the part-time option and during your long breaks you can take up the full-time one.

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